Mayo Clinic Care Network FAQs

Collaborating with other medical providers to provide the best possible care for patients has always been part of Guthrie’s culture, and Guthrie and Mayo Clinic have the same philosophy of patient-centered care.

Through our relationship with Mayo Clinic, we build new and innovative ways to provide the best possible care to patients and their families. Guthrie patients have peace of mind that they are receiving the best care, close to home.

Can I request to use a Mayo Clinic doctor?

Guthrie specialists use eConsults to get input from Mayo Clinic specialists when they believe it would be helpful. If you have questions about your care, talk with your health care provider.

If you are not currently being cared for by a Guthrie provider, but would like to find one and make an appointment, click here to access our online physician directory.

Will I see a Mayo Clinic doctor?

No, the network connection is between Guthrie specialists and the specialists at Mayo Clinic. Guthrie specialists can connect electronically with Mayo specialists for additional input on complex cases. Guthrie can access Mayo-vetted information on disease management, care guidelines and treatment recommendations.  In the near future, they will be able to present and discuss challenging cancer cases with teams of Mayo specialists and other network members.

How much does a Mayo Clinic eConsult cost?

The Guthrie Mayo relationship allows our patients the benefit of collaboration with Mayo specialists at no additional cost when your provider uses the network relationship. Our patients can get the benefit of collaboration with Mayo specialists without unnecessarily traveling to Mayo or incurring the cost of an additional visit.